On Device Research launches Back to School Video series

Want to become a pro in brand measurement? Look no further than our Back to School videos

We’re on a mission to make brand measurement studies accessible to all and provide clients with valuable insights to help improve client campaigns. That’s why we’ve launched Back to School with On Device Research. A series of short and sharp educational videos that aim to provide everyone with a better understanding of why brand studies are important in creating successful advertising, what they can tell us, how to better analyse the data and most importantly how they can drive increased campaign success for your brand.
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Over the course of the next 10 weeks, we’ll be launching short videos that focus on some of the most common questions in the media research world, including:

  • What are brand measurement studies?
  • How do they work?
  • How brand impact studies can improve brand effectiveness
  • How to read a brand impact report
  • How to know if your campaign is really working
  • The importance of statistical significance
  • The best ways to measure OOH, Digital and social media
  • The importance of setting clear objectives for your advertising
  • Why balancing sample is important in ad research.
  • The importance of passively measuring advertising.
  • The demise of the 3rd party cookie and what it means for the research world

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