On Device Research Launch State of Digital Brand Effectiveness 2022

On Device Research today announced their launch of the State of Digital Brand Effectiveness Report analysing over 1200 studies from 2018 until 2022. The report unveils significant shifts being seen in the effectiveness of the digital media marketplace.

The aim of the report is to help increase understanding around the current trends analysed and how to best navigate these within campaign planning to ensure optimum success for brands.

The report not only highlights the changing role of digital across the brand funnel, but also examines the importance of salience in helping support digital campaign effectiveness. The report also highlights a number of case studies which demonstrate top tips in achieving success in the digital space followed by sections on creative best practice and social purpose advertising.

On Device Research hope the insights helps drive better industry understanding into the wider digital media mix and each part’s ability to drive progress through the brand purchase funnel. The evidence shows that digital display is performing well in terms of generating awareness and video is proving more successful at shifting the lower funnel metrics.

Alistair Hill CEO & Co-Founder of On Device Research, commented “We hope this data and insight helps drive more effective planning in the digital media space and helps brands plan, buy and create the most effective digital advertising as we head into 2023.”

To download the report, please click here: https://share.hsforms.com/1fpIqMiBPSqC8sW9KCf6k-g5artl

For more information about On Device Research, please visit https://ondeviceresearch.com

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