On Device Research Increases Guidelines to 50 Questions

in Mobile research news
on Thursday November 3, 2016 @ 9:00

Emerging markets and multi-country survey company On Device Research has increased its mobile survey guidelines to 50 questions; new question types, improved device and network connectivity speeds and increased consumer acceptance have allowed more questions to fit into On Device Research’s 20 minutes mobile survey recommendation.

On Device Research’s ground breaking research on research into survey length has proven that surveys on mobile which are over 20 minutes long provide lower quality data than shorter surveys. However, with the introduction of new question types such as a mobile friendly slider grid, and with consumers’ usage of their mobile device increasing, it is now possible to ask consumers up to 50 questions in a mobile survey and maintain good quality data.

Please click through to the new mobile survey guidelines and research on research on mobile survey length. Highlights:

  • Questionnaire Length – Under 20 mins, up to 50 questions
  • Grid questions – Mobile friendly drop downs or new slider grid
  • Open-ended Questions – 2 per survey
  • Media – Up to 10 images or 2 videos per survey to keep page load speeds fast
  • Use On Device’s mobile survey technology, ansr.io – 5 times faster than the average survey platform

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