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on Thursday February 14, 2019 @ 10:07

With the launch of our new monthly “On Device on…” series, this month we focus on Out of Home..

The final quarter of 2018 saw a series of high-profile movements in the UK Out of Home market, with Global Radio snapping up Exterion Media just weeks after acquiring fellow outdoor companies Primesight and Outdoor Plus.

The outdoor market is in a period of reinvention – with consolidation offering new opportunities to advertisers, as well as more sophisticated digital solutions with more precise targeting. The time is right to re-evaluate exactly what Out of Home brings to the media mix for brands.

How does Out of Home build brands?

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Outdoor advertising brings brands fame, and rates highly in terms of building reach – see the Re-evaluating Media report by Ebiquity and Radiocentre. It’s this top-of-funnel impact that is particularly evident in our Out of Home benchmark database, with a base of over 6,000 survey responses.

Can Out of Home hold its own in driving response?

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The application of our passive measurement methodology, combined with geo-location data, quells the perception of Out of Home’s less obvious impact on the bottom line. We’ve seen a +5% delta in store visits across 350,000 Out of Home exposures – more than double the average we see for digital.

Find out more about how On Device Research tests out of home brand impact and attribution here or get in touch with info@ondeviceresearch.com today.

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