New internet audience emerges in developing countries

on Tuesday March 15, 2011 @ 10:05

. . . .and in the UK/US

Recent research which we conducted directly on the mobile internet, has revealed a new internet audience. More than 50% of Asian and African mobile internet users as well as more than 20% of users in developed markets, such as the UK and US do not use the internet on a PC.

Mobile only internet users in emerging markets

This group of previously unconnected consumers is emerging in all parts of the world and this change in behaviour will have huge implications for not only individuals, but also in the way brands interact with the 'Mobile Only' internet generation.

Internet companies and brands now have a new internet audience.

These 'Mobile Only' internet browsers are the next frontier and are a glimpse into the next billion of connected consumers.

"In emerging countries fixed-line internet is being completely bypassed by mobile users and is an exciting time for content owners and brands to interact with their customers," said Alistair Hill, Managing Director at On Device Research.

This new segment has distinct characteristics, depending on which countries they come from. In emerging countries, such as India and Nigeria, these consumers are young (more than 70% under the age of 25), predominantly male and often students - and more importantly - represent the emerging middle class in developing countries.

In developed nations, such as the US, 'Mobile Only' has a different profile, with 76% more than 25 years old and a heavy skew towards lower income groups. These consumers are late adopters who are attracted to the lower total price of going online via their mobiles.

The data from this article was taken from surveys of 15,204 respondents in 12 countries and was conducted directly on the mobile internet between July and November 2010.

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