Multi-Country Research Only Works Via Mobile

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on Saturday June 11, 2016 @ 8:02

Meb Gafur, June 2016

Mobile is the most reliable method for surveying both emerging and developed markets since it:

  • Delivers more representative samples than desktop recruited surveys
  • It is more accurate than face to face when compared to real world sales data

On Device Research recently conducted “research on research” analysis of mobile surveys’ ability to gain representative data from across the world. In order to get a good geographic spread we analysed data from surveys in the UK, India, Malaysia and South Africa.

The results show across all markets that mobile is the optimum choice for multi-country market research studies due to its ability to reach a more representative spread of the population both in terms of reaching:

  • Rural and urban consumers
  • All Income bands

alt text

In India and Malaysia we also compared our own mobile collected brand tracking data to face-to-face, and found that mobile more closely correlated to the census/till receipt data. Thus reinforcing mobile’s ability to better deliver greater accuracy compared to traditional methodologies. alt text

As mobile becomes the primary device for accessing the internet across the globe it is only tool that can be reliably used across both developed and emerging markets for multi-country studies.

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