Mobile Research Not Suitable for Myanmar . . . . Yet

on Tuesday June 4, 2013 @ 8:48

Our CEO Alistair Hill has just returned from Myanmar and was surprised to see there are still places in the world that have not been touched by the mobile revolution.  

On a recent trip to Myanmar, I noticed this scene. It struck me as one of the last places on earth where you would see something like this.

2013-05-31 142006

Myanmar opened up for business in 2011 after a new government took over, and it’s started to undergo a huge change, with western brands and companies starting to set up business there.

The mobile revolution is underway however, but is still in its infancy; hence market stalls containing land line telephones!

Unfortunately it is still too early for mobile research in Myanmar, but we’re looking forward to increased mobile adoption so we can start to understand consumers in this amazing country.

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