Mobile is quick at returning data on current topical questions

on Tuesday April 16, 2013 @ 9:01

We’re getting more clients asking us to provide them with instant responses to current topical questions. Mobile is great for returning data quickly and reporting results instantly.  


We recently asked some questions about the controversial former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and within an hour we had over 200 responses.

The results show that even in her death she has divided the British nation about her funeral arrangements.   

  • Over a half of people surveyed (55%) do not think Margaret Thatcher should have a full military honours funeral. This increases to 58% for Labour supporters.
  • However 69% of Conservatives believe the former Prime Minister does deserve a full military honours funeral.
  • More men think Margaret Thatcher should not have a full military honours funeral (54%) vs females (46%) and 66% of 25-44’s also agree that the former Prime Minister should not have  a full military honours funeral.
  • 39% think Margaret Thatcher was a good Prime Minister, but they are split however on whether she was good for Britain (37%) or bad for Britain (36%).

  • 4% do not know who Margaret Thatcher is, but more worryingly 82% do not trust politicians.

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