Mobile Delivers Unique Reach Opportunities for Advertisers

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on Thursday February 25, 2016 @ 7:28

By Matthew Dodd, MD Global Media Effectiveness, On Device Research

We were asked by one of the UK’s leading advertisers to investigate their Q4 mobile campaign. They wanted to better understand not only how many people saw their campaign, but also to assess how well it delivered against its key demographic targets.

In order to answer this question we conducted a Mobile Campaign Research study. This involved inserting our proprietary tracking technology into the ad creative and matching exposures to our fully profiled 50,000 Device ID panel.

The campaign was 7.5mn impressions and ran for 4 weeks across 2 leading mobile DSPs (Demand Side Platforms).

This is what we learnt:

  1. The campaign delivered 1.3mn unique reach with an average frequency of 5.6
  2. Adding just one additional mobile DSP boosted reach by 68%
  3. There was minimal overlap between DSPs with less than 2% seeing the campaign across both DSPs
  4. We saw 79% difference between the 2 DSPs in delivering unique reach
  5. 77% on target delivery on adults aged 18-54, with a 27% variation between DSPs
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The results show that mobile can build cost effective reach for advertisers but also great on target efficiencies.

Do you need to better understand how many people saw your mobile campaign and what demographic targets were delivered? On Device Research's Campaign Reach Analysis will tell you...

  • Reach: How many unique devices were reached daily and overall?
  • Frequency: How well dispersed were exposures?
  • Demographics: How well did the campaign reach its intended demographic targets?
  • Reach Efficiency: How well did each platform generate unique reach?
  • Incrementality: What was the size of the overlap between platforms?

We are also able to measure in real time to help bolster campaign performance.

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