Mobile Creative Best Practice 2017

Mobile creatives best practices 2017

Mobile advertising’s meteoric rise is set to continue, with global spend estimated to grow from $108.9bn in 2016 to $143.5bn in 2017. Unfortunately, the majority of that spend is wasted on ineffective ads that consumers neither engage with nor even recall.

​ An analysis of On Device Research’s database of 200 mobile ad effectiveness studies reveals that the top performing 20% of mobile ads outperform the remaining 80% by:

  • 6x improvement in online ad recall
  • 6x improvement in purchase intent

Creative quality is driving the significant disparity between the top performing ads and the rest. That creative matters is clear, but what exactly makes a creative great? How can you create mobile ads that really resonate with consumers, and repeat the process at scale? This comprehensive study deconstructed the top performing creatives and found the attributes that really drive ad performance.


  • The impact at each stage of the branding funnel of high quality ads
  • The 10 creative guidelines for building memorable ads that drive purchase intent

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