Media Week Awards winners 2021: Research Insight

The gold winner in this category is 'Listening to Lego' with Global and On Device Research.
Lego: Adults Welcome

In January 2021, here at On Device Research we had a fantastic opportunity to work with Global who were running Lego’s first ever audio campaign. The campaign consisted of a fully integrated digital audio and podcast partnership to position Lego adult sets as a way of bringing ‘Joyful Focus’ during the lockdown at the start of the year.

Lego had never used audio before, so Global had just one opportunity to show that the medium could work for such a visual product. Here at On Device Research, we rose to the challenge and provided a research study to demonstrate not just audio’s impact on the overall campaign but also the contribution each audio element made.

Three different ads were produced for Lego to support their car, architecture, and art-themed sets. Using listener data, audience segments of listeners were created that had interests in these categories and then they were cross-referenced against lifestyle statements to see if they were passionate about mindfulness, creativity and connection. These audience groups were then targeted with the Lego copy most relevant to their interests across different digital audio touchpoints.

It was great to see the campaign outperforming benchmarks for all the metrics tested. Judges said:

"This research study was innovative in its approach. It delivered upon the challenge laid down by Lego and ultimately led to an increase in spend in the audio medium."

Other key findings from the research included:

  • The campaign cut through well and improved already high levels of familiarity with adult Lego (+10%)
  • Significant increases can be seen among most key subgroups, including those who have never purchased from Lego before
  • Consideration and intent to purchase builder sets also improve among those exposed to the campaign (+4%)
  • Impact is most pronounced among males and those who have purchased from Lego before
  • The campaign does particularly well in positioning Lego as a brand that allows adults to unplug from everyday life (+11%). Key perception ‘provides challenging and relevant sets for adults’ also increases among those exposed (+5%)
  • 73% had a positive campaign sentiment, driving curiosity of adult Lego.
  • 2 in 5 took away the message that Lego sets provide a ‘joyful focus’.

Henry Vernon, Senior Commercial Insight Manager at Global commented:

"It was great to partner with On Device Research on this study and create a truly innovative research design that helped prove the value of the audio medium to Lego. The results helped us demonstrate that the campaign successfully delivered against the key metrics Lego had wanted to shift, including driving awareness, consideration and purchase intent."

Sarah Robson, Head of Sales at On Device Research stated:

"This was such an exciting campaign to work on and it was positive to see such a strong response to the product. Our ability to measure each individual campaign strand also helped deliver further understanding into how the audio medium had worked across each element in more detail."

For further information on the Lego campaign, please contact Henry Vernon – Senior Commercial Insight Manager at Global

For further information on the research study, please contact Sarah Robson at On Device Research

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