Measuring the effectiveness of brand advertising on mobile – yes you can!

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on Wednesday June 4, 2014 @ 1:29

Today we're proud to announce a breakthrough mobile solution that delivers classic brand lift metrics for brand advertisers in a world where mobile is the new first screen.

On Device Research’s solution takes advantage of the unique mobile IDs of its large panel of mobile respondents who are retargeted with campaign ads and later invited to participate in the brand metrics survey. Results of the control vs exposed group are displayed in a web-based dashboard.

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It is the first scalable solution to measure effectiveness of brand advertising in apps and on the mobile web in a way that isn't a forced "did you see the ad you just saw" situation.

The launch comes at a time when consumers spend more time on mobile than on computers, and global mobile ad spending is estimated to increase from £8 billion in 2013 to £25 billion by 2017.

Brand advertisers have been reluctant to move budgets to mobile as traditional cookie-based tracking doesn’t work making it impossible to reliably measure the brand uplift of campaigns. Measuring campaigns beyond the simple click is crucially important for brand marketers to understand the success of their ads.

“I am very excited that we can offer a solution that finally gives brand marketers access to classic brand lift metrics like awareness, consideration and purchase intention with a robust methodology,” said Alistair Hill, CEO of On Device Research.

How measuring mobile ad effectiveness on mobile works

Available immediately in the UK, the solution is already in use by initial launch partner byyd (formerly Adfonic).

Significant uplift for Sony's Xperia campaign

The first big projects for international brands have demonstrated the robustness of the solution, providing insight on brand metrics not otherwise available on mobile. A project with Sony and MediaCom confirmed the effect of brand advertising on mobile – there was a significant uplift in spontaneous awareness (23% point difference), and purchase intent (19% point difference) between the exposed and control group.

“This pioneering research depended on the ability of byyd's 'Madison' technology platform to identify unique users and thereby differentiate between a control and exposed panel set. Through this, in a first for mobile, On Device Research and byyd could determine whether mobile advertising had a positive impact on our campaign KPIs of Consideration and Preference," said Freddie Taylor, Senior Buyer at MediaCom.

Taylor continued: "This was perhaps most notable because it allowed us to compare the effect of mobile and desktop activity which impacted on future planning strategy.”

“This case study demonstrates how effective robust, open tech can be to research. Without byyd’s ‘Madison’ technology platform, working in such a precise, effective manner alongside On Device Research’s methodology, we would not have gained these valuable insights,” said Daniela Federici, Marketing Manager at Sony.

comScore veteran Leanne Caldwell joins On Device Research as Director, Media Sector to spearhead the new advertising effectiveness solution in the UK. The company will launch in other major markets later in 2014.

For more information visit our mobile advertising effectiveness page.

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