Mastering Digital Emotion Part 2: Entertainment, Tech & FMCG brands maximise the link between purchase intent & emotion

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on Sunday April 22, 2018 @ 6:28

On Device Research has released new analysis from its database of over 330 brand impact studies to reveal which advertiser categories are making the most of the digital brand opportunity from both a purchase intent and emotional resonance perspective.

As we revealed in our last blog entry, the link between emotion and purchase intent in digital creative is a strong one. The seminal IPA study The long and short of it by Peter Field and Les Binet revealed that emotional advertising is twice as efficient as rational, and delivers twice the profit. Our own research reveals that the top 25% of campaigns in terms of emotional response deliver an average purchase intent uplift of over five percentage points higher than the bottom 25%, contributing to an understanding of the link between emotion and sales effectiveness in advertising.

From a category perspective, Tech & Consumer Electronics, Entertainment, and FMCG & Food and Drink brands are making the most of the link between emotion and purchase and are seeing digital brand activity drive above average scores across both metrics.

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The reasons will be varied, but Entertainment brands are selling products (e.g. films, TV shows) which implicitly demand emotional response and it is natural that their ad creative is doing the same. Similarly, FMCG is almost entirely dependent on brand building to combat the forces of commoditization and is a category featuring some of the most well-known brands in the world – brands which are experts in triggering emotions in consumers both consciously and subconsciously.

Finance is a notable underperformer in terms of capitalizing on the link between emotion and purchase. Finance ads are often duty-bound to deliver highly rational messages to consumers which leave little room for emotion, but the rewards if they do manage to resonate are plain to see.

For more information on the metrics that you should be using to measure and benchmark digital campaign impact, download the On Device Research Brand Advertisers’ Guide to Digital Effectiveness here.

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