Mashup 2015

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on Sunday February 21, 2016 @ 9:09

Nader Kobeissi, our Global Managing Director, recently spoke at the MASHUP 2015 digital marketing conference in Kuwait. Nader took to the stage to discuss the results from a recent survey On Device Research conducted across Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
This research looked at how people choose to multitask across a variety of media, for example with more than 80% of respondents reporting that they tend to watch TV and use smartphones or access the internet at the same time.
Crucially, the survey results also provide an insight into how this multitasking activity ultimately affects purchasing behaviour. It's not just, as you might expect, that the vast majority of us are researching products online prior to making a purchase; the results also show that customers using a smartphone in-store can also easily put the brakes on a potential purchase.
To find out why, and to learn more about the survey's results, watch Nader's presentation below.

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