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on Monday September 7, 2015 @ 12:36

7 out of 10 Iranians interested in purchasing imported goods as sanctions set to be lifted.

London, 8th September 2015: On Device Research, emerging markets research specialists, conducted a mobile survey of 1000 Iranians to uncover sentiment towards the removal of sanctions and the purchasing of imported goods. On Device Research fielded the survey due to increased demands for research about Iran from Western clients.

The results showed that Iranian consumers are overwhelmingly positive about the changes.

Key points:

  • 83% of Iranians believe that the removal of sanctions will have an impact on their lives.
  • The ability to buy foreign goods is a key effect with 73% of Iranians interested in purchasing imported products.
  • 66% believe imported goods provide better quality. Germany emerges as the most reputable producer with 87% of Iranians citing it as a producer of high quality goods.
  • 96% of Iranians are interested in travelling to foreign countries with the US being the most popular destination.

The survey also revealed a wealth of opportunities for international companies looking to access the huge Iranian market. Speaking about these results and the opportunity for foreign companies, Alistair Hill, CEO and co-founder of On Device Research said:

“It’s incredibly interesting to see the aspirational nature of the Iranians and their excitement towards sanctions coming down” he said. “The results of the survey show there is a huge opportunity for western companies to sell their goods and services in Iran.”

View the full report and interactive charts:

Full report and interactive charts

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