iPhone 5 ranked fifth in user satisfaction, behind four Android powered devices

Despite Apple's success, the much anticipated iPhone 5 only ranks fifth in device satisfaction in a study of 93,825 US mobile users, behind four Android powered devices. <p><p><a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/82910427@N08/8455752090/" title="Device Sat US by sarah2066, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8237/8455752090_5ac2e42d5b_z.jpg" width="600" height="355" alt="Device Sat US"></a></p></p>

These are the findings from our latest device satisfaction study, where we asked 320,000 mobile and tablet users in six countries, including the US, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Indonesia, about how satisfied they were with their device. 

The results were surprising, with the much anticipated iPhone 5 only ranking fifth in device satisfaction in a study of 93,825 US mobile users, behind four Android powered devices.

In fact US mobile users reported a higher satisfaction with their Motorola Atrix device (8.57), an Android powered device at a lower price point, than Apple iPhone 5 users (8.23).

Device Sat US

Although Apple created one of the most revolutionary devices of the past decade, other manufactures have caught up, with some Android powered devices now commanding higher levels of user satisfaction. 

The 4G effect

What’s really interesting is the 4G impact - the top 5 devices for satisfaction in the US are 4G capable devices, and users with a 4G subscription reported a higher device satisfaction (7.76) than those with no 4G subscription (7.28).

Device satisfaction also has an impact on network operator satisfaction, which also showed a positive increase (+0.48) amongst 4G subscribers. 4G users also have a higher monthly mobile bill.

UK and 4G

In contrast, in the UK where there is only one 4G network operator EE, the iPhone 5 is under less pressure from competitive devices, ranking second in user satisfaction.

However in the study of 52,140 UK mobile users, the HTC One X scores higher (8.47) than Apple’s iPhone 5 (8.21).

Device Sat UK

As 4G opens up to more UK cities in 2013, it will provide opportunities for both mobile network operators and handset manufacturers, to increase satisfaction, device usage and loyalty. 

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