Indonesians love Samsung and their social media

on Thursday July 25, 2013 @ 9:26

Browser-maker Opera has released some interesting information on the mobile users of Indonesia revealing their love for Samsung phones, not surprisingly the Opera Mini browser, and Facebook - a whopping 68% of all pageviews with the Opera browser happen on this social network. See the infographic below.

In recent years, Indonesia has experienced a significant increase in smartphone owners using Opera Mini. The number of Indonesian Opera Mini users on smartphones increased more than 180% year over year from May 2012 to May 2013. Today, Android users make up the second largest platform demographic surfing the web with Opera Mini in Indonesia.

Samsung rules, with some competition from local brands

Samsung is winning over Indonesians as the phone of choice, securing nine places in the list of top 10 Android phones in use in Indonesia. Smartfren, a local device brand, landed the 4th slot, with its best-selling Andromax.

Meanwhile, in the list of top-100 devices, another Indonesian brand, Cross, showed its consumer trust, coming in 3rd after Sony. Samsung is leading the market, securing 33% of the Opera Mini user base thanks to its affordable gadgets.

Price is apparently the key factor in choosing gadgets in Indonesia. The top-10 Android devices are all devices that cost less than Rp2.3 million (US$230).

If ever there was a social nation…

68% of the total pages viewed by Indonesian Opera Mini users on Android phones are on Facebook. This is frankly mind-boggling. We knew that Indonesia was one of the top countries in terms of Facebook usage but we didn't expect to see such overwhelming lead.

10 most popular sites are the usual suspects - Google, Blogspot, Wordpress, Youtube, Yahoo, Twitter, Wikipedia with the only local site nabbing the fifth position.

Another surprising find is that a large majority (81%) of Android Opera Mini users are male.

See the full infographic

A lot of the data in this report comes from their own tracking, with demographic data from surveys conducted by us at On Device Research.

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