Hiring: Marketing Manager

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on Wednesday May 6, 2015 @ 8:17

On Device Research is a mobile market research agency that connects brands to people on their mobile device around the world. We're looking for a Marketing Manager to join us in our London or Dubai office.

Position: Marketing Manager

  • Focus on content marketing
  • Research of marketing opportunities - channels, topics, audiences
  • Content creation and promotion
  • Attend industry events and conferences, and represent On Device Research
  • Manage social media accounts and company blog
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining product marketing material

We're big believers in earned attention (vs. paying for it) - the focus of this role is very much on content and inbound marketing. In a nutshell the position is about investigating and researching content opportunities, creating the content - text, video, audio, ebooks, whitepapers, performance art - and promoting it.

You'll have to be interested in measuring the effect of your work and have an understanding of conversion funnels.

"But wait, what about social media channels?" Yes, we have those too and they are vital in engaging the right audiences and cleverly promoting the content you'll be creating.


Understanding of search engine marketing and optimisation is vital in making sure your content becomes and stays popular. Being data driven is a plus.

Have an online footprint. Do you have a website? Twitter account? Youtube channel with popular videos? Are you a valuable contributor in forums on some obscure topics? Demonstrate an ability to create and capture attention.

We value interest and practical experience over formal education but some interest in market research, insights, understanding consumers, mobile and how it's changing our lives, will give you an edge.

How to apply?

Please email your CV (or link to your LinkedIn profile), why you'd like to work with us and what you hope to gain from it to alistair@ondeviceresearch.com

Don't forget to include links to your relevant online profiles to demonstrate ability with creating popular content.

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