Frequent mobile internet users love their mobile operator

on Saturday April 16, 2011 @ 6:45

The more people use the mobile internet, the more they love their mobile operator. The research shows that frequent mobile internet users are more satisfied with their mobile operator, compared to those who only occasionally use the internet on their mobile phone.

mobile user operator relationship

The findings (free quarterly report we publish) revealed the strength of relationship that a consumer has with his or her mobile operator is directly related to the perceived quality of their mobile phone and the services they use on it. For example, mobile internet browsers in the UK who use social networks, such as Facebook, showed the greatest increase in operator satisfaction with a 10% rise compared to those who do not use the service.

In emerging markets, such as India and Kenya, the influence of rich media services such as games and music becomes more important. For many the mobile phone is the only method they have to listen to digital music and play computer games. The survey results showed that the more consumers are engaged with these services, the more important media becomes in mobile phone purchase decisions and operator loyalty.

As mobile media becomes more important to consumers daily lives, mobile operators are gaining more satisfied customers. Great services such as social networking and mobile games help operators to increase customer loyalty and handset manufacturers to differentiate themselves.

Key highlights from the report include:

  • Operator satisfaction increases 22% for daily mobile internet users compared to occasional browsers in the UK, +10% in India, +26% in Kenya.
  • Mobile social networkers? operator satisfaction increases 10% in the UK compared to those who do not use the service, 14% in India, 10% in Kenya.
  • In Kenya mobile games have huge influence on which mobile phone to purchase. 89% of mobile media users in Kenya consider the quality of games they can play on their device when choosing a new phone.

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