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on Wednesday March 9, 2016 @ 7:43

By Matthew Dodd, MD Global Media Effectiveness, On Device Research

What is the DNA of a top performing mobile creative? In order to answer this question we delved into our 100 study (30,000 survey) normative database. The campaigns ran across a plethora of mobile DSPs, advertiser categories and formats.

We looked at spontaneous brand awareness, the CMOs' key measure for driving ad stock and brand equity. We segmented the delta score results, i.e. the difference between the test (exposed) and the control (non-exposed) groups, into quintiles. In this way we could better understand the DNA of top performing segments, as these campaigns were twice as successful at driving top of mind awareness vs the average and over 35 times higher in terms of delta uplift vs the bottom quintile.

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So what is the DNA required to be a stand out performer? Here we lay out the key success drivers that we have drawn from assessing the best in class, top quintile performers.

Strong brand & product imagery were evident; it was not only rich media but also campaigns that utilised a combination of both dynamic and static advertising formats that did particularly well. This helps consumers to better process and retain brand memories.

We also saw that several of the top performing campaigns had strong storylines that clearly connected to the advertised product and aided brand talk ability. Recognisable and liked personalities/characters that were utilised in other media resonated well.

What really sets these performers apart was their ability to build positive brand emotions. We saw that over 90% invoked a positive emotion and many consumers spoke about feelings of surprise, intrigue and excitement, as well as desire. This was also particularly relevant for new product launches.

This clearly speaks volumes to the close, bonded relationship mobile has with consumers which it needs to build on if it is to grow its slice of the marketing pie.

Advertisers also need to tap into this strong emotional connection if they are to reap the benefits since as the last 30 years of IPA Effectiveness Awards research shows emotional advertising is twice as profitable as rational based advertising.


Do you need to better understand how well your campaign performed? On Device Research's Mobile Brand Impact study will tell you...

  • How well the campaign lifted brand metrics versus our normative database
  • How each media partner contributed across each brand metric
  • How well each creative influenced each brand metric

About On Device Research’s Mobile Brand Impact solution

Mindful that measuring mobile is tough as cookies are not reliable and that 72% of display advertising is in-app we, at On Device Research, developed a new and unique passive measurement approach that enables mobile advertising to be measured in the same way as other mainstream media. Thus providing the industry with the necessary confidence to evaluate mobile on a like for like comparisons.

The key building blocks for our solution are our proprietary tracking technology, Device ID matching process, survey platform technology and our fully opted in device ID panel.

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