A Day in the Life at On Device Research – By Jess Murray

This week’s blog post focuses on our very own Senior Research Executive Jess Murray to find out what her 9 – 6 life looks like (and what makes campaign research so intriguing).
A Day in the Life at On Device Research – By Jess Murray

7.30am – Wake up and have breakfast – (usual choice of crumpets or toast) followed by a strong cup of coffee (or two). This is great prep for a day ahead.

8.45am – Arrive at my desk and run through my emails checking for any new requests that have come in overnight.

9am – Kick off call with colleagues reviewing the project focus for the day ahead.

11am – Presentation to a client – this often not only includes the client, but also their advertising agency and media owner. It’s a great opportunity to discuss how the campaign has performed and delve deeper into the key metrics that help present campaign success. This can be anything from understanding how a campaign has shifted overall awareness to highlighting more specifically how their advert has resonated with the public. We often also explore the reactions to creative executions, allowing the client to have a much better understanding of what’s working best for them in their sector.

12.30pm – Following a client presentation, it’s great to have a breather and take on board all of the group feedback. Sometimes, there will be some further work to follow up on (i.e., data to be cut by another audience group or comparing the data to our category benchmarks). I’ll add this to my workflow before grabbing some lunch.

1pm – Lunchtime – my fav options when in the office are Pret or sushi, but when working from home, I usually make myself a sandwich and sometimes head off for a walk to stretch my legs.

2pm – Back to my desk. Next, I am analysing some new campaign data that has just come in. Once I’ve assessed all the data, my next job is to put this into a presentation, ready for the team to present back more widely. Through working on specific clients regularly, I can get a much better understanding of their overall performance and as such, consult on how to use the data more widely to help drive further brand growth.

4pm – Another client meeting – this time it’s with the advertising agency to discuss an upcoming brief. I use this time to get all the details I need for the proposed research so I can best advise on how to measure the objectives.

6pm – Time to finish for the day – my favourite way to spend an evening includes dinner with friends (so happy now restaurants are open again) or going to my favourite spin class.


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