Cross Media Attribution launches today

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on Thursday September 13, 2018 @ 8:41

On Device Research has today launched Cross Media Attribution a new cross-media measurement solution designed to help brands and their agencies measure marketing effectiveness with more accuracy than ever before.

Cross Media Attribution uses mobile technology to passively measure ad exposure and assess the impact of TV, Out-of-Home, Radio and Digital media in driving a range of consumer outcomes. These outcomes range from using geo-location data to measure bricks-and-mortar store visits, to measuring web and app usage, online traffic conversion, and actual product sales where relevant data is available.

Few campaigns are isolated to a single media and by applying our expertise in passively measuring consumer exposure to digital ads to the offline world, On Device Research is now able to offer a fuller picture of campaign impact. In addition, when combined with our Cross Media Brand Impact solution, we are able to offer a full picture of effectiveness throughout the purchase funnel, and crucially through our mobile app panel we are able to do all of this at the user level.

Alistair Hill, CEO at On Device Research says, "We know from our ad effectiveness norms database that passive measurement is the only way to get a true read on ad exposure. Linking this to passively measured data which reports on actual rather than claimed consumer behaviour gives advertisers and agencies the assurances they need. We now have the data to analyse which combinations of offline and online media are having optimal impact on marketing effectiveness."

To discover more about Cross Media Attribution and Cross Media Brand Impact, get in touch with On Device Research today at or on +44 20 7278 6627

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