Cross Device Ad Measurement Is Now a Reality

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on Wednesday June 1, 2016 @ 6:10

By Matthew Dodd, MD Global Media Effectiveness, On Device Research

How we helped one major UK retailer to better understand the effectiveness of their cross device Easter campaign

We were asked by one of the UK’s leading retailers to determine the effectiveness of their cross device campaign.  They wanted to better understand the roles, synergies and effectiveness of each device across 3 key dimensions:

  • REACH: How well did the campaign reach its intended audiences?
  • BRAND IMPACT: What was the impact on brand metrics?
  • STORE EFFECT: What was impact on store visitation?

In order to answer these questions, we partnered with Adbrain, the leading customer ID mapping solutions provider, to create a single source solution (using our 70,000 Device ID panel) that would enable us to determine the cross device impact on an individual consumer basis.

The campaign ran for 3 weeks across 6 leading DSPs (Demand Side Platforms) with a total of 23mn impressions (of which 46% was in desktop, 38% mobile web & 16% in-app).

The campaign objective was to maximise campaign reach, increase brand awareness, and drive footfall over the key trading period.

This is what we were able to determine for our client:


  • The campaign delivered good levels of reach with 7.2mn people seeing the campaign on average 3.2 times.
  • Mobile web advertising was the most efficient in driving unique reach.
  • 1 in 5 saw the campaign across more than one device. 85% of the overlap was between desktop and mobile web.

alt text

  • In-app was the most efficient in reaching families. Overall mobile (in-app + web) was the most efficient in reaching women & the combination of desktop and mobile web for the key target age group of 25+.


  • Spontaneous first brand mentions were highest for those who had seen both the desktop and mobile campaign.

alt text

  • Consumers were significantly more likely to recall seeing the ad on their mobile phone than desktop.

alt text


  • The campaign was able to significantly increase store visitation levels by 45% during the 3 week campaign period.
  • This was 50% higher than our Mobile Store Effect benchmark showing how the cross device campaigns can drive greater footfall overall.
  • Those that were exposed to the mobile In-App activity saw a x4 uplift in dwell times versus the overall campaign.

alt text

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About Adbrain

Adbrain is the world’s leading provider of customer ID mapping solutions used by digital marketers to target and measure consumers across devices, channels and platforms. The Adbrain Platform is integrated with more than 100 marketing automation and analytics solutions, as well as leading digital advertising sales and buying platforms, enabling access to billions of digital consumer IDs. With Adbrain’s innovative customer ID mapping solution, marketers and technologists can deliver a consistent, personalized customer journey across devices, channels and platforms.

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