Convenience and mobile ads are top drivers of mobile phone shopping activities in the US

on Friday May 18, 2012 @ 5:24

With an impressive 70% viewing mobile ads as a personal invitation from brands rather than an invasion, it opens up new opportunities for brand advertisers to engage with their consumers.

The research conducted by On Device Research for the IAB in the US, used a diary methodology gathering smartphone and feature phone users to create detailed “day in the life” diaries of their mobile phone shopping behaviour, followed by participation in an in-depth survey.

iab ODR mobile consumer week in the life

The research links digital marketing to brick-and-mortar shopping and gives a snapshot of how mobile users employ their devices during the shopping process – the top activity was finding product information (28%) followed by finding store locations (18%)

The research also found that location is an important factor. Perhaps surprising for mobile phone users, 47% of mobile phone shopping actions actually take place in the home, while 29% happen on-the-go, and 10% occur at work. When asked why consumers carried out a particular mobile commerce activity, convenience (24%) was the top answer.

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