Consumers are twice as likely to recall ads when exposed to brand creative on multiple devices rather than just a single device

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on Sunday October 8, 2017 @ 12:11

On Device Research has today released a new wave of results from its cross-platform ad effectiveness norms database revealing that consumers exposed to ads across multiple devices record brand and ad awareness metric improvements of up to +9% higher than those who are exposed on just one device.

Digital marketing continues to be placed under ever increasing levels of scrutiny yet one area of digital spend that marketers can now be more assured of is the brand impact of cross-device campaigns. The retargeting of digital campaigns at users across multiple devices can reap huge rewards when delivered with sequential creative messaging; while increased use of responsive cross-device ad formats points to a world where marketers can target campaigns at consumers with an “always on” mindset. Furthermore, On Device Research’s September 2017 Path-to-Purchase tracker has shown that as many UK smartphone owners now watch paid on-demand TV via their smartphone as watch it via their TV set, bringing the cross-device convergence of more traditional forms of media consumption and digital full-circle.

An analysis of On Device Research’s cross-device ad effectiveness norms database, containing brand measures across mobile web, app, tablet and desktop, has revealed that there is a significant awareness multiplier effect for consumers viewing ads on more than one device.

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On average, consumers exposed to ads on multiple devices record an improvement in brand awareness of +21% vs a single device exposure average of +12%. Similarly, a multiplier effect is noted for both top-of-mind brand awareness (+11% vs +7%) and online ad recall (+8% vs +4%).

Advocates of Byron Sharp’s theories on how brands grow are fully aware of the importance of expanding the mental availability that consumers have for brands. Mental availability is built through maximising campaign reach and brand awareness. The clear impact that cross-device campaigns are having on top-of funnel awareness metrics should be a key consideration for digital marketers looking to drive brand metric improvements. Combining this type of insight with measurement capabilities that deploy mobile geo-location data to assess the impact that digital spend can have on physical availability in stores, will further enhance cross-device reporting and digital transparency over the coming twelve months.

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