Collective UK wins award for most effective mobile campaign of Q4 ‘16

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on Thursday February 23, 2017 @ 6:08

On Device Research has today announced Collective UK and its client BP as winners of the inaugural Mobile Brand Effectiveness Award: a quarterly ranking of mobile ads tested by ODR that have been most successful at shifting five key brand metrics.

BP and the programmatic brand experts Collective topped the rankings in the final three months of 2016 with a playful smartphone video ad which highlighted the efficiency of its newly launched Ultimate anti-dirt fuel.

Collective's Head of Data and Research, Adriana Tailor, commented that "Collective’s rich media history ensures we are constantly pushing the boundaries in terms of our creativity and ability to engage with audiences, so we’re delighted to find out BP has been the most effective brand campaign in Q4 2016. The units we build are typically bespoke, designed and built to each client’s business and campaign objectives and it’s really pleasing to see the combination of eye catching creative and targeted cross-device solutions reap such rewards for our client's brand.”

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The ODR Mobile Brand Effectiveness Rankings are determined using five key brand metrics which the digital ad effectiveness research experts have tested across over two hundred campaigns. By comparing percentage point uplifts between a group of respondents who have been exposed to mobile ads and group who have not, effectiveness is determined across five measures throughout the branding funnel: Total Brand Awareness, Top of Mind Brand Awareness, Online Ad Recall, Brand Consideration and Purchase Intent. The effectiveness rankings are calculated using the average percentage point uplift across the five metrics tested.

The BP campaign conforms to six of the soon-to-be-released ODR mobile creative best practices: a checklist of ten creative guidelines to which the top performing mobile ads on average adhere to six or more. A consistent BP logo presence on every frame, a clear product shot, use of eye catching video, a singular clarity of message, a playful and humorous tone and the avoidance of dual branding have all contributed to a successful BP brand ad which has clearly fulfilled its purpose in moving mobile ad impact beyond the simple accumulation of clicks.

The top five mobile ad campaigns in Q4 2016 fell in to the following industry categories:

Rank  Category
1st      Utilities
2nd    Food and Drink
3rd     Entertainment
4th     Clothing
5th     Consumer electronics

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