Car ads come top for mobile video ad effectiveness: Is your industry making the most of the mobile video opportunity?

on Sunday June 4, 2017 @ 6:58

On Device Research has today released a series of ad measurement benchmarks that shine a light on the significant brand impact that mobile video advertising has on a range of advertiser sectors. Automotive video ads are found to be the most memorable, with an average uplift in ad recall of +9% points, while entertainment and leisure video ads are best at driving purchase (+5%).

The relentless rise of digital video in all its various forms is now a well-established characteristic of the digital landscape. The ubiquity and affordability of VOD has seen the likes of Netflix grow its subscriber base to 95 million users in just ten years, while an insatiable appetite for short-form content from millennial audiences has seen Youtube report more than a billion hours of video views each day (as of March 2017).

Where consumer attention goes, the ad dollars follow with the IAB reporting that video accounted for 36% of all UK mobile display ad spend in 2016, more than doubling year on year to a value of £693m. However, as is always the case with new digital media, accountability and measurement are critical. By delving into its database of over 250 mobile ad impact studies, On Device Research has for the first time released a range of benchmarks across key industry sectors that reveal how online video ads impact both Ad Recall and Purchase Intent, allowing advertisers to assess the extent to which they are realising the mobile video opportunity at both ends of the purchase funnel: alt text

In terms of creating mobile video ads that are truly memorable, the automotive sector stands out, driving an average improvement in ad recall of +9% points. Big budget TV car ads with high production values in what is a high consideration sector, have clearly translated well to mobile. On the other hand, the entertainment and leisure sector comes top in terms of driving purchase intent: The ready-made nature of TV and movie-based video content plays a crucial role in priming audiences at the business end of the branding funnel.

For brands in those sectors underperforming the mobile video benchmarks, careful consideration should be given to On Device Research’s top ten creative best practices – a list of ten guidelines to which the most effective mobile ads conform. The use of video is a good start, but marketers must also consider the inclusion of omnipresent branding, the use of humour and prominent product shots among a handful of other guidelines.

Next month, On Device Research will be releasing a fresh wave of multi-country video consumption research that will provide further insight into the role of online video in both the consumer path to purchase and media consumption habits more generally. If you’d like to find out more, then get in touch with On Device Research today: / +44(0)20 7278 6627 /

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