Canadian consumer electronics brands wins award for most effective mobile ad of Q1 2018

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on Monday August 20, 2018 @ 7:37

On Device Research has today revealed that a Canadian consumer electronics brand has won the award for the most effective mobile campaign of Q1 2018.

The award is assessed by analysing the quarterly rankings of mobile ads tested by On Device Research to establish which campaigns have been most successful at shifting five key brand metrics. The campaign was a pure brand campaign, aiming to raise levels of brand awareness and favourability with a series of mobile transparent overlays running across a well-known network of premium sites.

On Device Research was commissioned to isolate the brand impact of the campaign on mobile devices among Canadian consumers. Analysis revealed impact through the branding funnel – from awareness through to purchase intent. The key campaign messaging cut through easily, playing a significant role in the campaign’s performance.

The ODR Mobile Brand Effectiveness Rankings are determined using five key brand metrics which the digital ad effectiveness research experts have tested across over three hundred and fifty campaigns. By comparing percentage point uplifts between a group of respondents who have been exposed to mobile ads and a group who have not, effectiveness is determined across five measures throughout the branding funnel: Total Brand Awareness, Top of Mind Brand Awareness, Online Ad Recall, Brand Consideration and Purchase Intent. The effectiveness rankings are calculated using the average percentage point uplift across the five-metrics tested.

The successful ad ticked a number of boxes relating to mobile creative best practice. An ever-present product shot, clear branding, use of humour and a clarity of message all contributed to high levels of positive emotional response to the ad. Emotion and purchase intent are strongly linked (as revealed in this recent On Device Research blog post) and this trend was very much borne out by winning campaign with claimed purchase of the brand the top action reported by respondents following campaign exposure.

The top five mobile ad campaigns in Q1 2018 fell in to the following industry categories:

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