Byyd Research Proves Mobile Advertising Works

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on Monday November 16, 2015 @ 2:06

On Device recently partnered with Byyd to conduct the most robust assessment of mobile brand effectiveness in the UK to date. Focusing on four key aspects, this research provides essential insight into the effectiveness of mobile display advertising. The areas the research concentrated on were:

  • brand awareness

  • advertising recall
  • brand favorability
  • purchase intent

Data was analysed over 16 different advertising campaigns and 5 advertiser verticals, including advertisers such as Coca-Cola, Sony, KFC, and Sky.

The results of the research were positive across these 4 key areas, particularly showing that mobile ads can boost brand awareness: 29% of consumers who were exposed to mobile adverts were more likely to then spontaneously mention the brand at a later point. Significantly, exposure to mobile advertising also increased the likelihood of actual purchase by 20%, proving that the bottom line shows mobile advertising is working.

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