Mobile mothers: how to build stronger brands with the most influential consumer segment

Mobile mothers in the US are an increasingly important demographic for marketers. According to BSM media, U.S. mums control $2.4 trillion in household purchases every year and wield greater influence over most everyday buying decisions. <p><p><a href="" title="mother-baby (1) by sarah2066, on Flickr"><img src="" width="600" alt="mother-baby (1)"></a><p/><p/>

Mobile mothers in the US are an increasingly important demographic for marketers. According to BSM media, U.S. mums control $2.4 trillion in household purchases every year and wield greater influence over most everyday buying decisions. As avid users of digital media, mums are turning to smartphones to help organize their activities. Their ability to research purchases combined with their spending power gain marketers’ attention and provides a great opportunity for marketers to engage with mums in a personalised and highly interactive environment.

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These findings are from a report published by InMobi, the largest independent mobile advertising network - the research was developed in partnership with On Device Research. The report - U.S. Mobile Media Consumption Report for Q2 2012 reveals the unique trends on mobile media consumption among US Mobile mothers.

Mobile Mothers Multi-Media Approach

Media consumption has evolved, along with smartphone adoption. On average, Mobile mothers are spending 10.1 hours daily with media. Mobile mothers spend 27% (2.7 hours) of daily media time with their mobile phone, which is on par with TV (28%), and outpaces other media like Internet (19%), Radio (14%), and Print (7%). Interestingly mums have started to embrace tablets and spend 6% of their media time there.

It is a known fact that mothers multi task across various activities between work, home and family. Research highlights that 77% of mobile mothers use mobile devices while watching TV. It’s no surprise that mums also multitask across a variety of media types including the smartphone, computer and tablet.

Marketing takeaway: Mums are connected 24/7 in the mobile media channel and marketers should be creating multiple mobile touch points to leverage the time taken by mums on the mobile media.

Mums Know Best

The demands of mobile mother’s fast-paced life have made her identify herself as an early adopter. Research shows that 48% of mom mobile web users in the US identify themselves as “Early Adopters”. She knows about the latest technologies and expects solutions that integrate apps, ads, and browser tools in smart and effective ways.

Marketing takeaway: Marketers will need to bring out value and convenience to impress the early adopters who seem to understand every bit of technology

Ease of Use & Availability Makes Mobile Mothers Addicted to Mobile Phones

Mobile mothers continue to contribute to the smartphone boom and are finding new ways to incorporate them into everyday life because of three convenience factors.  Findings shows that 67% of users prefer mobile because “it’s easy to use,” 66% say that they use mobile most because it’s constantly with them and 57% agree mobile device is a most private way to consume information and communicate. The report’s findings indicate that mobile mothers use their mobile device most in casual settings most often lying in bed (82%), watching TV (77%), or waiting for something (80%)

In short: Ease of use and availability rule the mobile mother’s media day

Marketing takeaway: Marketers should focus on rich media ads with highly interactive content available at the right time and easy to use

Mobile Mothers Love Their me-time

The mobile phone has become a constant companion to mobile mothers. It helps them indulge in small pleasures like music, entertainment, and gaming. The report’s findings indicate that mobile mothers spend 26% of their mobile media time on playing games, 19% interact with social media, 15% use it for entertainment purposes (videos, music) and 11% for general search. Further from the study it is found that E-mail, search and social media will continue to grow over the next year among mobile mothers

Marketing takeaway: For marketers, this is a real opportunity to engage with mums in brand conversations via games, social media and entertainment

Mobile Mothers Respond to Mobile Advertising

Mobile & TV ads have the largest impact on mobile mothers’ purchase process, with 62% of them saying their purchases are influenced by both these ads. Also, 58% of mobile mothers are comfortable with mobile ads. Mobile mothers reach to mobile at every stage of the purchase funnel. Right from research, purchases and making smart and informed shopping choices, mobile is always there as her shopping aid. Mobile tools impact her “moment of truth” choices at each stage. 

The survey showed that 56% of mobile mothers feel that mobile advertising have introduced them to something new; 42% feel that it had saved money and time. 18% of mobile mothers say mobile ads have influenced a purchase. The data also highlights the importance of location-based advertising, with 48% of respondents claiming that a mobile ad had helped them find something nearby while 27% said it had influenced a purchase decision in-store.

Marketing take awayMobile Ads influences mobile mother’s decision process and marketers should engage mums across the purchase funnel mapping her media journey.

M-commerce Mobile Mother’s Popular Purchasing Platform in Coming Years

Mum is a more empowered shopper than ever. Mobile technologies give her tools to research, decide and buy seamlessly saving time, money and stress. Mobile mothers lead the pack in mobile spending, with 30% claiming to spend more than $50 via their mobile devices, compared to 27% of mobile Boomers and 23% of Generation M. InMobi’s research indicates that 80% of mobile mothers planned to conduct m-commerce activities within the next year.

Marketing take awayMobile commerce has had a tremendous impact on driving mobile media consumption, and mums are no exception. Marketers should leverage the platform capabilities to serve context sensitive information and create immediate connections and trust


InMobi research claims that, with smartphones becoming indispensable entertainment tools and 88% of mobile mothers hooked on Facebook and other social media, it is clear that the current generation mums leverage technology for not only keeping in touch but also pay attention to how they interact with brands online. Marketers should consider campaigns extending across a variety of media platforms and engage mothers across channels and devices.

The boost in smartphones sales and the trust in using mobile content increasing every day directly relates to the growth in mobile content sales. Mums who are always connected, brand sensitive, have spending power, and are active on social media, are an important demographic who cannot be ignored. This gives a great opportunity for marketers to understand their needs, build trust and up the conversion rates.

The reality is mums have embraced mobile media in a big way. Are the marketers ready?

eMarketer concludes: “Reaching mum at the right time and place requires mobile. If you’re not there, you’re missing her.”

Is your brand reaching out to mums via mobile?

Note: * Mobile Mother Definition - Mobile Mother is defined as Women with children at home and is mobile data users

Sample Size: 103 mobile mothers in the US

Photo: SparkCBC

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