58% of Brits plan to travel abroad this summer

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on Thursday May 29, 2014 @ 1:13

Summer is nearly here! We surveyed over 1,100 Brits over a weekend in May 2014 about their holiday plans. Popular destinations, how much money they plan to spend, and how many cannot afford a holiday- we have it all.

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Key highlights:

  • 58% of Brits plan to travel abroad this summer
  • Nine out of every ten Brits are going on holiday this summer
  • A quarter of those travelling abroad are going to Spain
  • 85% of students plan to go on holiday
  • Males are twice as likely as females to go on holiday
  • 8% in the UK cannot afford to go on holiday

25% of Brits travelling within the UK

A quarter of the population have the most popular holiday plans- travelling within the UK. Not surprising, since some of the most desirable places to visit are here close to home.

Brits’ top three holiday destinations abroad are Spain, U.S., and France

When travelling abroad, a quarter of Brits crave the hot, beautiful beaches of Spain, and the remaining plan to visit locations scattered around the world such as the United States, Italy, Greece, and Portugal.

22% of these people plan to spend even more on their holidays this year than they did last year, and 20% of those going on holiday this year did not go on one last year.

The following list illustrates the breakdown of the locations around the globe that Brits are travelling to this summer:

Spain 25%
United States 12%
France 9%
Italy 8%
Greece 7%
Portugal 6%
Turkey 5%
Egypt 4%
Germany 4%
Netherlands 3%
Belgium 2%
Croatia 2%
India 2%
Thailand 2%
Elsewhere abroad 10%

8% of Brits cannot afford a holiday this summer

Unfortunately, not all people are able to take advantage of exploring away from home as one in every ten Brits cannot afford to go on holiday at all this summer. Females are also nearly twice as likely to forgo a holiday perhaps due to not being able to afford it, and 26% of retired people do not plan on a holiday because they either cannot afford it or do not want to travel.

Fear not- even if you cannot afford a trip abroad this summer, you can consider an affordable "Staycation" and enjoy your holiday at home.

Bon voyage to you all!

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