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Mar 2011
New internet audience emerges in developing countries

. . . .and in the UK/US

Recent research which we was conducted directly on the mobile internet, has revealed a new internet audience. More than 50% of Asian and African mobile internet users as well as more than 20% of users in developed markets, such as the UK and US do not use the internet on a PC.

Mobile only internet users in emerging markets
Feb 2011
The "mobile only" internet generation

Each quarter On Device Research will release a free metrics report, summarising the highlights of recent client studies. The first one is titled: "The "mobile only" internet generation" and analyses a new breed of internet browser - people who use the mobile internet but not the desktop internet.

Jan 2011
On Device Research in Cape Town.

Last week On Device Research presented at Africa Com in Cape Town. We were working with our client Opera to help them understand how users of their browser differ from users of other browsers. The result were quite positive for them.