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Mobile trends
Nov 2017
Location Sciences and On Device Research partner to deliver the UK’s most accurate online to offline attribution product

The partnership means brands and agencies can measure media effectiveness and store visit uplift down to 1 metre accuracy level

21 November 2017; London: Location Sciences, the mobile location intelligence company, has partnered with On Device Research, the brand effectiveness company, to deliver a new level of accuracy and precision for measuring media effectiveness in driving store visits, not seen in the UK before.

Mobile trends
Apr 2017
The rise of mobile fulfillment: 79% of Saudi Arabian main shoppers now purchase via mobile

When it comes to product research in Saudi Arabia, HyperPanda customers are the most likely to go mobile first: One third look to their smartphones when deciding which products and services to buy.

Mobile trends
Mar 2017
Mobile Creative Best Practice 2017

Mobile creatives best practices 2017

Mobile trends
Mar 2017
How to engage effectively in mobile micro-moments
As mobile grows increasingly impactful for consumers and advertisers, marketers need to understand what drives mobile ad effectiveness in the micro-moments of user engagement. Based on in-depth research, Ian Gibbs of On Device Research gives four key considerations for marketers when addressing the role of mobile and mobile creative in the path to purchase.
Mobile trends
Dec 2016
The mobile path-to-purchase in Saudi Arabia

It is estimated that by the end of 2016, 70.5% of the Saudi Arabian population will own a smartphone, equating to nearly 20 million people in total. Mobile has not only changed the way consumers behave both online and offline; but it has changed how brands connect with consumers, and in an increasingly fragmented media environment has thrown up a whole host of new and exciting planning implications.

Mobile trends
Oct 2016
Can Mobile Intentions Predict In-Store Behaviours?

By Matthew Dodd, Managing Director, On Device Research

For decades, marketing managers have routinely used purchase intention as a proxy for predicting sales. This notion is a cornerstone of many theoretical models of consumer behaviour. For example, Fishbein and Ajzen (1975) wrote, "…if one wants to know whether or not an individual will perform a given behaviour, the simplest and probably most efficient thing one can do is to ask the individual whether he intends to perform that behaviour."

Mobile trends
Aug 2016
What Mobile Formats Work Best for Millennials?

By Matthew Dodd, MD Global Media Effectiveness, On Device Research

  • How can mobile advertising help to nudge this all-important but difficult to influence demographic to buy?
  • What mobile format works best in driving the millennial along the consideration funnel?
  • How best to arrest the younger millennial’s attention whilst on their most loved digital gadget, the smartphone?
Mobile trends
Jun 2016
Which format delivers the greatest brand impact on mobile?

By Matthew Dodd, MD Global Media Effectiveness, On Device Research

We are often asked what format works best:

  • Is video worth the incremental cost?
  • Do banners still work?
  • Which format is best for driving call to action vs brand awareness?

In order to answer these questions we delved into our 45,000 / 150 study normative databank to unearth the answers.

Mobile trends
Aug 2015
Insights into the App Economy across MENA

On Device Research recently teamed up with ArabNet to take a look at the burgeoning app economy in the MENA region, and came up with some interesting insights. Our Managing Director MENA, Nader Kobeissi, presented the report's findings at the ArabNet Digital Summit in Dubai.

Mobile trends
Mar 2015
Messenger Wars 2: How Facebook climbed back to number one

When Facebook started seeing a decline in popularity of its social networking platform especially among its younger users, they aggressively fought to stay relevant. Did it work? Our 5 country report reveals the top players in each market and more.

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