Android users more satisfied with their device than iPhone users

iOS 6 leads to a decrease in device satisfaction among US iPhone users <a href="" title="Slide1 by sarah2066, on Flickr"><img src="" width="550" height="355" alt="Slide1"></a>

As the world’s iPhone users start to upgrade to the latest and greatest iOS 6, we wanted to find out how satisfied people were with their device once they’d upgraded

Our latest device satisfaction data shows a decrease in among iOS 6 iPhone users in the US.  Suggesting that as consumers upgrade their operating system or buy a new iPhone, their initial reaction is not as positive as it has been in the past.

Whilst the decrease is small, it does highlight that the new operating system is not an overwhelming success.  Which in itself is surprising; as the general trend is one of increased device satisfaction as consumers upgrade their mobile operating system from one version to the next.



For comparison we also looked at Android users in the US. Here, users report a clear increase in device satisfaction as they upgrade.

In fact Android users are actually more satisfied with their device than iPhone users. 


The latest data shows that not all upgrades are equal; and if you thought Apple's iOS position as having the best functionality and overall look and feel was untouchable, the Google guys might have some surprises for you! What do you think?

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