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on Thursday April 16, 2015 @ 12:59

It's that time of year! Analysys Mason have released this years report for their multi-year, multi-country Connected Consumer Survey. Working with On Device Research as well as an online research company, Analysys Mason covers 15 countries in total. Using our mobile panels, we covered the emerging markets in Asia, Middle East and Africa. The comprehensive study focuses on telecoms habits, device ownership, relationship with telecoms providers, and the use of digital economy services.

Embedded below is the headline white paper published by Analysys Mason which covers some of the key findings of the study.

Our favourite findings from the study looked at device ownership. Did you know that in markets like Indonesia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia - nearly 1 in 2 are mobile-only when accessing the internet? This is a stark difference to countries such as the USA, UK and Spain where 50% are likely to own a phone, tablet and laptop.

Or did you know that on average Apple users will spend more time using each device, 2.43 per day compared to someone using a Samsung device who will spend 2.03 hrs per device every day.

Key topics covered in the study:

  1. How can mobile operators and fixed broadband operators improve customer retention?
  2. Are mobile operators offering the right bundles and contract packages? Are unlimited minutes still attractive to customers?
  3. Will OTT (e.g. Netflix, Hulu and NowTV) replace pay-TV? If it doesn't, what will the TV media landscape look like?
  4. It's been long known that emerging markets will drive the growth of digital economy services but which demographics are actually using mobile money?

For further information, Analysys Mason have released 8 comprehensive reports covering each of the key topics and regions - found here.

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