A detailed snapshot of Africa's media usage

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on Tuesday October 21, 2014 @ 8:57

In 2013 Russel Southwood from Balancing Act approached On Device Research to help map the media landscape of Sub-Saharan Africa. The full report is now available for download.

Sub-Saharan African media landscape

The project was designed to be useful for NGOs acting in the region looking to reach wide audiences to educate and inform about important topics like personal hygiene, disease prevention and sexual health.

The study has three parts: a nationally representative face-to-face survey; a survey with a representative sample of mobile internet users, and qualitative group interviews to explore certain issues in-depth.

The study covers seven Sub-Saharan Africa countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa.

The introduction of mobile phones is far more transformative than most people in modern countries realize. What connectivity brings is the ability to collect and use data. Unreliable statistics have stalled growth and development, the chance to gather data effectively is a game-changer. – The New Digital Age, Eric Schmidt

Download the full report: A Detailed Snapshot of Africa’s emerging Internet and social media space – the users and what they are doing

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