A Day in the Life of Sarah Robson - Global Head of Advertising Effectiveness

In this month's Day in the Life post, we speak with our Global Head of Advertising Effectiveness on her average day from morning alarm to lights out!


I start my day with a visit to the gym. I find it’s a great way to wake up and set myself up for the day ahead. I have a hybrid role, so spend some days working from the office and other days from home. If It’s a day in the office, I head to the station shortly after to arrive at our offices in Holborn for 8.30am.


My day typically starts by checking our client allocation sheet. The sheet outlines all of our current studies, the correlating clients and if they have been allocated to one of our research analysts to set up. I check if all have been allocated appropriately so resources across the teams can be effectively managed.


With my role being international, my next meeting is with our commercial lead in Singapore where we talk through some client requirements discussing the best way in which to measure their proposed campaign. I tend to always meet early with our commercial lead in Singapore due to the time difference.


Mid mornings are a prime time for client meetings whereby we explore the requirements to run a new advertising effectiveness study. We also discuss the campaign objectives and the main hypotheses of the research. Recently, we have seen a huge increase in demand for ascertaining the effectiveness of campaigns across multiple media channels, helping to establish what media channel is driving what metric. There is certainly more industry focus in gaining a greater understanding of how different media channels work together and it’s great that we have our own Omnichannel solution to help deliver increased insights and understanding in this area.


Once the meeting is finished, it is then my job to establish research project feasibility across the media plan. This generally examines the sample sizes achievable and ultimately determines the most robust method in which to achieve these requirements. This is fundamental to my role and is something that I spend a lot of my time on. Once feasibility and methodology is established, I then write up a full costed proposal and send over to the client for feedback.


Lunch time – before grabbing a bite to eat (or sometimes meeting a client for lunch), I also share some of my recent findings with the wider team at a lunch and learn session. We try and have these around once a month as internal sharing opportunities ensuring we are all up to speed with all parts of the business. Today, I am presenting our latest methodology across Omnichannel campaigns to the wider team.


Back to my desk. Shortly after lunch, I sit on a client debrief session across the media agency, their end client and our research analyst, who takes them through the key findings from their latest project. Within this, we also discuss what worked well and recommend how to improve ad effectiveness. This is key for us at On Device Research, as ensuring a consultative approach allows us to share more than just data, but real insight to maximise on future success within their media & marketing plans. In this case, our recommendations led to the client wanting to upweight different media channels so they could test if this improved their brand KPI’s.


Now it’s time for our weekly commercial team catch up. Our regular catch ups allow us to keep up to date on client proposals, projects agreed and any support required to ensure we deliver the best possible solution.


I tend to use this hour to catch up on emails and any other requests that have come in through the day. As Head of Ad Effectiveness at On Device Research, every day is different depending on our client's requirements which is what I love about my role. I generally leave the office at 5.30pm to head back home for dinner. Tonight however, we are going out to celebrate my daughter’s birthday and I am looking forward to celebrating with our family over some nice Thai food and a glass of wine.

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