A Day in the Life of Lisa Miles - Marketing Manager

In this month’s day in the life post, we speak with Marketing Manager Lisa Miles on what her average working day looks like from morning coffee to lights out.

5.30am – I wake up early and head out for a morning swim. I find this the best way to start the day and awaken the senses (especially in the winter when it can be a bit chilly).

7am – back home and with 2 young children, this time is dedicated to getting ready for the school/nursery runs before work. Any parent knows this part of the day is pretty chaotic, so this time always passes quickly. I often fit in a pre-made pancake with some blueberries and honey for breakfast alongside a cup of tea, amongst the uniform dressing, teeth brushing and breakfast navigating (seriously – how long can it take to eat 1 weetabix?!)

8.30am – Once the school and nursery drop off is sorted, I catch up on any emails from our global team that have come in overnight. I try and respond to our Australian and Singapore team as early as possible as our day’s crossover is limited.

9am – I next meet with our UK commercial team to discuss numbers and plans for the week ahead. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight everything that is going on from a marketing perspective and keep the team up to date on any work in progress.

10am – My next meeting of the day is with one of our clients. We are discussing a recent campaign and its results for the purposes of an award submission. Once I’ve got the further detail I need, I continue copywriting for this. Award deadlines always have a habit of creeping up really quickly!

11am – Next up, I start working on our monthly e-newsletter. I prepare this once a month to help review the team’s activities and help keep our subscribers up to date with the latest info on all things happening at On Device Research.

12pm – I next get down to writing a press release covering the launch of our latest white paper. This time, we have launched the latest data on understanding the effectiveness of sustainable messaging in advertising. We’ve had some really interesting findings and it’s exciting to see this shared more widely with the industry.

1pm – lunchtime – When I’m in the office, sometimes I’ll head out for a bite to eat locally and there’s always lots of options, but when at home I tend to quickly make a sandwich and then when the weather is good, I’ll try and head out for a walk to refresh the legs and mind before the afternoon.

2pm – I’m back into another meeting with a media publisher. This time, we’re discussing a potential sponsorship opportunity at one of their upcoming events. There’s a lot to cover off, but I feel it’s been a success and am clear on next steps should we decide to proceed.

3pm – I’m on a call with one of our designers, who is helping draw up the latest designs for an exhibition we’re shortly to go live at. There’s a lot of merchandise and copy/printing I want active for the event, so is a lengthy but successful call.

4pm – I often use this time to check in on our social channels and ensure all of our content and comms is up to date. I reply to any messages and engage with any other posts that are relevant to our market.

5pm - I check up on all my emails and make my to do list for the next day. My days are always varied and that’s what I love about my role. One minute you can be working on an award entry and the next writing a press release on a latest white paper and then preparing design work for exhibitions and events.

6pm – I log off and start the bath time routine for my 6 and 4 year olds. We aim for a 7pm bedtime, but this can extend anywhere up to 8pm depending on how tired they are. (I’m often falling asleep before they are on occasions!) Once the kids are finally settled, I eat dinner and then I usually read or watch a bit of TV before heading to bed between 9.30pm and 10pm.

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