A Day in the Life of Josh Merluk

In this month’s day in the life post, we speak with Account Manager Josh Merluk on what his average working day looks like from morning coffee to lights out.

7am – I’m up with my dog (Myla) feeding her breakfast before making my first important decision of the day - do I go to the gym or sit on the sofa and have a cuddle with her? The latter usually wins but some days I might surprise myself.

8.30am – Once I’ve convinced myself I made the right decision, I’ll do all the necessities to get myself ready for the day, which includes a shower, Weetabix and a strong coffee.

9am – Normally I will start my day by checking Slack or emails for any requests that may have come in after I’ve shut the laptop from the night before. I will action anything urgent that is needed before replying to any messages from our colleagues that are stationed globally.

10am – Once I have caught up on the emails and messages, I’ll focus my attention on various project requests. With a lot of my clients, we have a project tracker sheet which is incredibly useful to track the status of each campaign. I will check if there are any projects with outstanding documents before following up with the client. When we have received all the documents and confirmed the research scope with the client, I will hand projects over to our Client Services team to set up the research.

11am – I will usually be in meetings around this time either internally discussing some of the exciting project developments we are working on or externally with clients discussing new briefs. For any campaigns with a slightly more complex brief, I will always favour speaking about this over a call. I find this the best way to help understand the research objectives more clearly, but to also explain the recommended approach to measure their campaign.

12pm – This time of the day is for admin catch up, which usually involves booking in any new projects for upcoming campaigns or keeping on top of project finances so I can report them in our upcoming sales meeting.

1pm – lunchtime. I’ll grab something to eat quickly and then as long as I am home, the rest of this time is dedicated to dog walking. We’ve recently moved which has made the walking landscape a lot more picturesque!

2pm – I’m back to checking emails and seeing what requests have come in. I will end up having to check feasibility with our fieldwork team as to what we can / can’t do because even though we want to help us much as we can, sometimes the requests can be slightly too niche!

3pm – I’m on a call with a client discussing a new format they have not measured before so I’m explaining how we would approach measurement. Off the back of this call, I send follow up emails to a few of our suppliers to ascertain what’s feasible on their end and how we can apply it to help cover the clients research requirements.

4pm – I will use this time to again catch up on all new project requests and project handovers to the CS team. There is quite a lot of admin involved with this so it’s the perfect late afternoon task – if there is ever the perfect time to do admin?!

5pm – As the day winds down I just make sure I have completed all tasks for the day. I am big for email organisation so I’ll take this time to file away all completed emails and ensure the only emails left in my inbox are those that still needed actioning.

6pm – I log off and start focussing on dinner time. Firstly, I’ll feed the dog her dinner and then as my fiancé does not work from home, I do a lot of the cooking for us. Once we’ve finished dinner, then it’s all about catching up on the latest TV series we’re watching before going to bed and doing it all again tomorrow.

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