A Day in the Life at On Device Research – Graduate Research Executive, Matt Murray

Matt shares his typical day with us.

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  • Wake up, shower, dress and get ready for the day ahead! If I’ve had time the night before to make some lunch, I’ll grab that on my way out, or alternatively grab something from one of the many places close to our office in Holborn.
  • Coffee time – Gotta get my money’s worth from the Pret subscription! Usually, a Cappuccino or Caramel Latte if I’m feeling adventurous that morning.
  • Arrive at desk – First thing I do every morning is open up my emails, checking for any new responses and begin making a to-do list for the day.
  • I usually check in with my assigned mentor to discuss the project focus for the day ahead, and for any feedback/comments from any work completed previously which I can progress with.
  • Mid mornings are a prime time for kick-off calls with new clients. This usually involves myself and a colleague from our Sales team and is an exciting opportunity to run through the ODR methodology in more detail. These calls will usually be with the advertising agency and we’ll discuss specifically about how we can best measure their campaign objectives. Once the client is happy and clear on how the study will run, I inform them that as project manager of the study, I will regularly update them on the process and am available to answer any questions along the way. The first thing we’d usually ask for are the creatives so that we can get started with designing a questionnaire.
  • Speaking of questionnaires, the creatives for another study have just been emailed over. Drafting up questionnaires is one of my favourite parts of the job as each questionnaire is unique in focusing on different products/campaigns. This is especially true when drafting up the creative section of our surveys, where it’s my job to establish potential emotions and actions that may lead from being exposed to a campaign.
  • I like to use the time before lunch to catch up on any admin that needs doing such as monitoring all of my open projects and updating clients on their progress, alongside writing up a DP Spec for another project that is about to come out of fieldwork to guide our Data Processing team in balancing the data.
  • Lunch time – My favourite options when I’m in the office are either Itsu or a meal deal from Sainsbury’s. If I’m working from home, I’ll usually make myself a cheese and turkey bagel.
  • Back to my desk. Time to write up a final report for a client! Once I’ve received the final balanced data from our Data Processing team, it’s my job to analyse this and identify the key learnings and insight generated from the study. This is then put into a presentation with a commentary and sent back to the client. We also use our benchmark database to compare the results against similar categories or products providing further context behind the results.
  • Now it’s time for my weekly catch up meeting with my manager. This will usually involve taking a break from the office and having an informal conversation over a cup of tea or coffee where we discuss how projects are going and any issues I might have come across enabling us to work towards a solution. As a grad, these meetings are also useful for discussing my overall progress as a media researcher and setting targets and goals to help my development and progression.
  • Another client meeting – this time it’s with the advertising agency and the media owner where we present the research findings for a campaign promoting a new product launch. This is a great opportunity to discuss the overall success of the campaign and, not only see where the campaign has succeeded but also where it can improve. Here at On Device Research, our mantra is measure more, grow more which translates into the more insight we deliver, the more successful advertising can be.
  • It’s time to finish up for the day. My favourite way to spend an evening is to head down to my local climbing gym and spend a couple of hours scaling bouldering walls, before heading back home to catch up with some friends on PlayStation or put on some Netflix/YouTube and relax on the sofa.

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