Indonesian FMCG brand wins award for most effective mobile ad of Q4 2017

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on Thursday March 29, 2018 @ 1:26

On Device Research has today revealed that a well known Indonesian FMCG brand has won the award for the most effective mobile campaign of Q4 2017.

The award is assessed by analysing the quarterly rankings of mobile ads tested by On Device Research to establish which campaigns have been most successful at shifting five key brand metrics. The pure brand campaign aimed to leverage rich in-app mobile inventory to drive brand metric improvements.

On Device Research was commissioned to isolate the brand impact of the campaign on mobile devices among Indonesian consumers aged 18 to 34. From a planning perspective the delivery of the campaign across mobile over-achieved its objectives, driving significant cut through with strong improvements in key awareness metrics.

The ODR Mobile Brand Effectiveness Rankings are determined using five key brand metrics which the digital ad effectiveness research experts have tested across over three hundred campaigns. By comparing percentage point uplifts between a group of respondents who have been exposed to mobile ads and a group who have not, effectiveness is determined across five measures throughout the branding funnel: Total Brand Awareness, Top of Mind Brand Awareness, Online Ad Recall, Brand Consideration and Purchase Intent. The effectiveness rankings are calculated using the average percentage point uplift across the five-metrics tested.

The winning campaign conformed to a number of ODR’s mobile creative best practices: a checklist of ten creative guidelines to which the top performing mobile tend to adhere to six or more. Use of eye-catching video that gets to the point quickly with a clarity of message, an omnipresent logo, product shot and a human presence all helped contribute to a picture of overall campaign brand effectiveness.

The top five mobile ad campaigns in Q4 2017 fell in to the following industry categories:

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