5 great ideas from PeopleTalk 2014

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on Wednesday February 25, 2015 @ 4:05

PeopleTalk 2014 is a two-day conference held in Dubai representing the GCC region. Here, 8 inspiring speakers cover 7 hot topics for people and businesses in MENA today. They presented to some of the biggest global and local organisations, such as Nestle, PWC and the Government of Dubai.

The PeopleTalk conference explored how the rapid economic growth of the region has led to a highly connected, creative and tech savvy population. The conference's host Leo Burnett has described the region as a place ready for big things.

MENA is characterised as a region whose population sees their mobile as the 'remote control to their lives'. Countries in the region have an exceedingly high mobile penetration rate of 150% plus, and as much as 50% of their population are aged 25 years or younger.

It was an honour and highly apt for our MD, Nader Kobeissi, to be invited to speak at the event and share how mobile can transform research in the MENA region.

Our top 5 topics and talks from PeopleTalk

#1 - Osman Sultan, DU

"Change is a matter of pace. Today's pace is faster than ever before. The farmer or monk in the most remote area, we estimate he will have the communication power of Ronald Regan when he was the president 25 years ago."

Sharing and communication has completely evolved. The volume of data which is transferred across a network in 1 second, would take 5 years for a person to view. The key message Osman tries to communicate is that people have greater access to knowledge and content, and this is empowering them.

#2 - Rima Maktabi, Al Arabiya

"Social media breaks barriers, changes perception, brings about discussions and positive value."

We love the idea that social media breaks traditional barriers and gives the every-man the ability to access and share media anytime, anywhere. It's very much how we feel about mobile and we think mobile is the tool that enables people to utilise social media in this way.

Rima highlights that in MENA, social media has allowed women to be at the heart of this change giving them a voice to debate and to overcome taboos.

#3 - Mohamad Mourad, Google

Mohamad talks about how technology is driving the next big thing. Because of mobile and the internet people can now choose what media they want to interact with, putting power in the user's hands rather than the media providers.

"What technology allows you to do today is find the right people, tell great stories and build stronger relationships."

And we believe in the same philosophy, mobile allows us to reach the opinions of consumers and research is no longer bound by distance, technology or social status.

#4 - James Kirkham, Holler

James covers a whole range of quotable technological tidbits, all of which are too good not to be shared.

  • "The most intimate relationship you can have is with your mobile."
  • "Social and mobile have become one."
  • "3 billion are using the internet, of which 2 billion are accessing using their smartphone."
  • "Soon the internet will become invisible to us, like running water, when technology is fully adopted it disappears to us."

#5 - Nayla Al Khafa, D-Seven Motion Pictures

A bonus video! Not mobile or internet related but Nayla delivers a witty speech about how Dubai bridges cultures and nationalities, the empowerment of women and that we should question everything.

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