On Device Omnibus

Understanding young consumers in emerging markets

Get access to quick, cost effective answers to your questions without financing and organising a full research survey:

  • Test your ideas before launch
  • Get feedback on your product or
  • Increase profitablility by understanding the needs of those in emerging markets
On Device Omnibus

How On Device Omnibus works

The cost of each survey is shared beween you and other researchers, however your research remains confidential

We work together with you

Our specialist team of researchers will work with you to define your research objectives and then design your survey.

We have specialist panels in emerging markets

Your survey is then sent over the mobile internet, to our panel in the territories you designated.

Analysis is easy with our tools and expertise

See your results instantly as they arrive displayed in charts and downloadable in our online tool. If desired our research specialist can analyse the data and report on key insights.


  • Contact hard to reach people in emerging markets quickly and cost effectively
  • Survey up to 1,000 respondents per month in Brazil, China, India or Nigeria
  • Geographically representative consumers aged 16-34
  • Online interface for data analysis
  • Ability to detect mobile handset
  • Accumulate data over consecutive waves to identify trends
  • Contact people who have never been connected to the Internet before
  • Standard demographic questions included

How pricing works

  • Up to 1000 completed surveys
  • Geographically representative of consumers aged 16 to 34

Pricing 1-3 Countries

Questions Completed Survey Total- 1 country
1-3 £0.50 £500
3-5 £1.00 £1,000
5-10 £1.50 £1,500
10-15 £2.00 £2,000

Pricing 4-6 Countries

20% discount for 4+ countries
Questions Completed Survey Total- 5 countries
1-3 £0.40 £2,000
3-5 £0.80 £4,000
5-10 £1.20 £6,000
10-15 £1.60 £8,000

Why mobile?

Our mobile methodology allows us to connect you with hard to reach audiences in emerging markets.

Accessing the Internet through mobile phones is the preferred method of connecting to the web in emerging markets. Both hardware and infrastructre favour mobile over a landline/DSL connection- phones are numerous, computers are not; cellular infrastructure is often modern and has good coverage.

Example Use Cases

New Business

Companies interested in new business opportunities in emerging markets, can use On Device Omnibus to explore market potential, assess the receptiveness of your new business idea and determine the optimal price for a new product. You can also measure consumer awareness levels pre and post launch.

Product Feedback

Companies with products in emerging markets can use On Device Omnibus to gain feedback from consumers to determine market reaction to your product. These insights can help you to improve customer retention levels and increase sales. We can connect you to the type feedback and insights you take for granted in your domestic market.


On Device Omnibus provides a quick and cost effective means to investigate developing trends and opinions in emerging markets. Question can be asked to fill in a back-story, polls can be conducted to investigate trends and determine opinions.


On Device Omnibus can be used to provide background and context to people's living standards and way of life in emerging markets. Up to date insights into understanding complex interactions with governments, health and education systems are now easily accessible.

Pro-bono rates are available for good causes.