Niche respondents

How can you understand the lives and loves of hard-to-reach niche groups?

It’s easy- with their mobile device

We’ve created three specialty panels that help you access traditionally hard-to-reach groups.

Niche respondents - young people, gamers, tablet users


The explosion of tablet use provides new opportunities for marketers. And our network of publishers means we can recruit tablet owners in Europe, US and Asia – so you can go direct to an active set of switched-on consumers.

Young People (16-35)

Young people are migrating away from the traditional desktop computer setting, making it difficult to research this group. But with 70% of 18-24 year olds using mobile media, mobile surveys provide a reliable method for understanding young people.

Computer Gamers

Computer gaming is on the rise, but tapping into to the opinions of computer gamers is tough, because they’re often too busy to respond. The most reliable place to reach gamers is on their favourite everyday device – their phone.