In the moment research

We capture immediate, in the moment responses on mobile phones.

You get powerful insights into the lives, loves and thoughts of ordinary people.

Mobile research makes it possible to track consumers’ opinions and emotions at the precise moment of exposure to marketing, when their feelings and impressions are fresh and results are not diluted – watered-down by the passing of time.

In the moment research using mobile phones

Benefits of mobile research

In the moment research, using web enabled mobile phones provides new opportunities for researchers:

  • Respondents can record their activity through mobile diaries, as it happens. So their record is fresh and accurate – and all the more useful for your research
  • Gather honest emotional responses to events and interactions, rather than fading memories of those events
  • Consumers typically respond to SMS messages within 15 minutes, so you can intercept opinions, moods and attitudes when you want them

Surveys are fast to deploy, fast to return data


In the moment research is flexible and adaptable to your needs.

Features include:

  • Mobile diaries compatible with all web-enabled mobile phones (feature phones, smartphones, and tablets)
  • Time stamps and GPS location data collected
  • Intercept consumer’s behaviours at precise times and dates
  • Track brand encounters to understand touch points
  • Integration with Google maps brings research to life
  • Capture photos in the moment

"On Device offers us an innovative platform to engage with previously hard to reach audiences on behalf of our clients. Their team takes the anxiety out of mobile research management, and adds valuable specialist knowledge and expertise. We have forged a great partnership together"

John Robson -Founding Partner @ Sparkler