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Communication agencies

Communication Agencies

Advertising effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of your advertising by conducting surveys on mobile devices. By capturing immediate responses to brand encounters you can get a clearer view of your marketing’s effectiveness.

Mobile is a powerful adaptable research tool and devices can also be turned into mobile diaries, to gain in-depth insight into consumer’s thoughts and behaviours.

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In the moment research

Mobile research offers you ‘in the moment’ responses to your surveys and makes it possible to track consumers’ opinions and emotions at the precise moment of exposure to marketing, when their feelings and impressions are fresh, providing you with compelling insights to vital questions.

We can deliver your surveys to all kinds of consumers on all web-enabled devices. Surveys can be sent to respondents - any day, any time and in any location.

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Niche respondents

The explosion of technology has created new groups of consumers. Mobile research is often the most expedient way to reach these niche audiences, such as tablet users, young people and gamers.

We have created specialty panels that help you access these specific audience groups.

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