Advertising effectiveness

How can you accurately measure the effectiveness of advertising?

With mobile devices.

It’s obvious really. The world is connected. The world is mobile. Most people carry a revolutionary research device – and they take it everywhere they go.

On Device Research turns mobile phones into mobile diaries, so respondents can instantly record their reactions and responses to your brand communications, the very moment they encounter them.

By collecting data on all consumer brand encounters, such as TV, out of home and radio, as well as small subtle brand encounters (like word-of-mouth) we offer you a holistic view of your performance. Our approach helps you isolate the effects of individual brand touchpoints on people’s feelings and actions.

Mobile Diary - advertising effectiveness

Benefits of mobile research

Mobile is a powerful adaptable research tool, offering a number of compelling benefits, including:

  • Mobile diaries record priceless ‘in the moment’ responses - while impressions are fresh in the respondent’s mind
  • Accurate measurement of communications effectiveness – wherever your ads appear
  • Rapid insights – giving you the knowledge to respond to ineffective advertising
  • Understand the immediate emotional reaction to brand encounters


Our communications effectiveness research is highly flexible and adaptable to your needs. Features include:

  • Mobile diaries compatible with all web-enabled mobile phones
  • GPS location and time stamp data attached to records
  • Location specific capabilities
  • Test and control groups without forced exposure
  • Ability to compare effectiveness campaign by campaign
  • Brand and communications awareness surveys

"Primesight have worked very successfully with On Device Research to create a better method of capturing audience response to Poster campaigns.
The level of data and insight captured has allowed our clients to analyse attitudinal and encounter response with reference to each creative design used"

Mungo Knott -Insight Director @ Primesight

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