About Us

On Device Research was co-founded by Alistair and Tim in 2009.

After working together at the mobile tracking company M:Metrics, they understood the potential of mobile research and its ability to connect with audiences around the globe in minutes.

About Us

Since then the proprietary technology Tim and his team have developed, has enabled the company to recruit a large base of profiled global respondents.

So far we have delivered over 17 million surveys across 64 countries and are continuing to grow.

Alistair Hill - Managing Director

Alistair Hill - CEO, co-founder

Previously a Senior Mobile Analyst at comScore and one of the first employees of M:Metrics (prior to its $50m sale to comScore) Alistair has held a variety of roles including business development, client services and product management. When he does have some spare time, you'll find him on a mountain or under the sea.

Tim Cleminson - Technical Director

Tim Cleminson - CTO, co-founder

Tim leads technical development for On Device Research. He has a masters in evolutionary robotics and previously was a member of the product development team at M:Metrics. Tim has been obsessed with things that float from an ealy age and likes pirates. Beware!

Jamie Warren

Jamie Warren - Client Service Director

Jamie started his career at BMRB International and then, after completing his Business and Marketing degree, he joined Hall and Partners working on continuous brand tracking, copy testing and attitudinal segmentation projects. He left after 9 years and now works as our client service manager. When not chained to his desk researching he's out fishing.

Siim Teller

Siim Teller - Marketing Manager

Siim brings 13 years of experience building and marketing web and mobile companies such as Skype, GrabCAD and Flattr. He’s an avid cyclist, secret paparazzi and tweets more than he should.

Robert Stuart

Robert Stuart - Operations Executive

Robert graduated with a degree in mathematics and has a keen eye for numbers and solving numerical problems. He’s interested in statistical facts and is an Excel wizard. When he is not number crunching, he is watching sports (go Arsenal!).

Zack Dykes

Zack Dykes - Software Developer

Zack graduated with a BA Fine Art degree from Sheffield Hallam. He has always had a keen interest in technology and has been working with Internet companies for twelve years. Zack joined us in 2011 as a developer and now specialises in Python, JavaScript, CSS3. He can speak German and spends his spare time playing table tennis, biking, juggling, reading, and making music.

Alexandra Travlos

Alexandra Travlos - Client Service Analyst

After working for three years at Proteus, a market research company where she gained wide experience in interviewing and later in fieldwork management, Alexandra went on to obtain a Masters degree in Strategic Marketing. She likes to use her strong organisational skills to whip projects into shape and has joined us as Client Service Analyst (aka Jamie's right arm). Her dream job is to perform in Wicked (the musical).

Meb Gafur

Meb Gafur - Operations Director

Meb brings 15 years of experience in market research, with end-to-end knowledge of the research process, across both online/digital and offline methodologies. Most recently, an Operations & Innovations Director. He has built and managed large teams of survey programmers and software developers. With hands-on experience as a senior researcher, and of survey programming and data processing he's played key roles in product development and quality throughout his career. As employee #4 at both Research Now and Mesh Planning, Meb managed the impact of huge growth surges.

Ikram Mirza

Ikram Mirza - Account Manager

Ikram graduated in Business and Technology from Sheffield Hallam. After working within the electronic security and e-learning market he has continued to follow his passion for technology within the mobile research market. Ikram is another football fan in our team - Sheffield Wednesday is lucky to have his support - and has done quite a bit of traveling in Asia.

Huw Jones

Huw Jones - Head of Scalability

Huw likes to create platforms that handle high volumes of traffic. Having spent several years scaling out bespoke web applications for a leading VLE provider he then moved onto designing and implementing high performance VoIP services for several well known telecom providers. Huw loves to read (mostly sci-fi), cook, watch rugby and play video games.

Martin Tomlinson

Martin Tomlinson - Managing Director, South-East Asia

Martin's market research career started helping TNS build the very first online panel in New Zealand. He then set up Research Now in NZ and moved on to lead Research Now South East Asia and China offices. Martin is the VP of the Market Research Society of Singapore and has been a speaker at all the major market research conferences in New Zealand, Singapore, China and Korea. Ask him to build you the best gaming computer and you won't be disappointed.

Poh Lin Lau

Poh Lin Carter-Lau - Client Services Analyst

From humble marketing intern to making her way up to Client Service Analyst, Poh Lin stumbled into Market Research after graduation. Armed with her first in Int'l Business and Economics, she hopes to quickly become a MRX ninja. Always looking for a fresh challenge, she loves to travel to new countries, eat/sleep/think about food, and has recently taken up blogging and photography.

Edward Lo

Edward Lo - Campaign Analyst

Edward previously worked for a leading manufacturing business, but followed his interest towards more analytical work. In his spare time he is competing against his friends in learning German and often goes running round in circles – in an athletics track.

Jen Nee Chew

Jen Nee Chew - Client Service Director, South-East Asia

Jen Nee joins us with more than 10 year experience in Project Management, Consultancy and Marketing within different industries. She started her Market Research career back in 2008 with Synovate (now Ipsos) and was one of the pioneer for the APAC Online team. She loves travelling to new places, cooking and eating (and taking photos of food).

Nader Kobeissi

Nader Kobeissi - Managing Director, MENA

Nader spent the past 15 years launching successful online businesses in Europe, North America and the MENA region. He has held executive roles at Toluna, Research Now and more recently Ipsos. When he is not eating, he's thinking about food.

Leanne Caldwell

Leanne Caldwell - Director, Media

Leanne has been working in technology and marketing research sales since 2003. She relocated to London from Canada 8 years ago to help set up the comScore European business; thereafter moving into Enterprise Sales. Leanne's completing an Executive MBA at Cass business school this year. In her free time she enjoys the arts, socialising and travelling.

Will Ullstein

William Ulstein - Commercial Director

Will joined us from SPA Future Thinking where he headed their global sales, marketing and PR, and worked with its in-house think tank to develop new, innovative research methods. Ask him about sailing, especially about the Fastnet Race, at your own risk…